DATE (new date!): Saturday, September 3 2022, 10:00 am

LOCATION: business tower Zagrepčanka, Savska cesta 41, Zagreb

START: time trial, each 10-15 seconds one participant starts the race

LENGTH: 25 floors, 490 stairs

DISTANCE: Each participant can participate only in one of four offered distances/races:

  • SOLO – 1 person, 1 climb (25 floors)
  • DUPLO/DOUBLE – 1 person, 2 climbs of 25 floors (total 50 floors), one total result
  • (New!MEGA – 1 person, 4 climbs of 25 floors (total 100 floors, 1960 stairs), one total result
  • DUO – one man and one woman each run once (25 floors), one total result

PARTICIPATION: in order to participate in the race you need to


You can register only on-line by filling in the registration form (link is above).

1st registration and fee payment deadline (July 1 – July 31 2022)2nd registration and fee payment deadline (August 1 – August 31 2022)
SOLO (1 climb)90 HRK / 12 EUR120 HRK / 16 EUR
DUPLO/DOUBLE (2 climbs)130 HRK / 18 EUR170 HRK / 23 EUR
DUO (1 climb)180 HRK / 24 EUR (per team)235 HRK / 32 EUR (per team)
MEGA (4 climbs)200 HRK / 27 EUR*260 HRK / 35 EUR

IMPORTANT: Registration and fee payment will not be possible on the day of the race!


  • BIB number
  • finisher medal
  • timekeeping service
  • goodie bag with sponsors’ goods
  • professional photos

RACE PACKET DISTRIBUTION: Information on location and time of race packet distribution will be announced later. Distribution of race packets for international runners will be organized on the day of the race in the race area.

START LIST: Start list with the exact start time of each participant will be published on Thursday September 1 2022. Each participant will know at which time his/her start is planned.

BIB NUMBER TRANSFER: The request to transfer the BIB number to another registered participant must be sent to an e-mail until Wednesday August 31 at 23:59 at the latest after which the start list will be defined. The request received after that deadline will not be accepted.

REFUND OF THE REGISTRATION FEE: Refund of the registration fee is possible only if the “Insurance in case of cancellation by the participant” in the amount of 4 EUR is paid with registration fee. In this case, registration fee will be refunded, insurance fee excluded. Refund request can be submitted at by August 26 at 23:59 at the latest.

GENERAL SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: schedule will be published on Thursday, September 1 2022.

TIME OF ARRIVAL: Runners do not arrive to the race at 10:00 am, but 30 minutes prior to your assigned start time. This way we can assure that start area is not crowded and that participants do not wait long to start. All participants that miss their assigned time of start will be able to participate in the race at the time assigned by the Organizer of the race on the spot.

REFRESHMENT: refreshment station is located on the 25th floor in the finish area (water, juice, fruits, cookies, salty snacks).

MEDICAL ASSISTANCE: emergency medical crew will be on call on the 25th floor in the race finish area.

RESTROOMS: located on -1 level

CATEGORIES (M/F) (only for SOLO distance!):

  • juniors (born in 2003 and younger)
  • seniors (born 2002 – 1988)
  • M/F 35 (born 1987 – 1978)
  • M/F 45 (born 1977 – 1968)
  • M/F 55 (born 1967 – 1958)
  • M/F 65+ (born 1957 and older)

TIMEKEEPING SERVICE: Results will be processed electronically. Please do not remove the chip positioned on the back of your BIB number!


Timing and result processing will be done electronically with the help of disposable chips embedded in the BIB number of each competitor. Please do not fold your BIB number in order not to damage the chip located on its back.

IMPORTANT! The race will have so called “chip time“ – the device will register you at the start and the finish of the race and calculate your result.

It will be possible to monitor the results live on . This means that immediately after entering the finish line, the achieved result of each competitor will be visible on that internet address.

The deadline for objections to unofficial results is 24 hours from the end of the race, after which we will declare the results final and official. Potential objections are to be submitted to

Show off your score immediately after crossing the finish line! Link to Facebook share awaits on


  • trophies for overall winners in all races (SOLO, DUPLO/DOUBLE and MEGA: first man and first woman; DUO: first team)
  • winners’ medals for first three women and first three men in the overall ranking in races SOLO, DUPLO/DOUBLE and MEGA as well as for the first three teams in DUO race
  • winners’ medals for category winners SOLO race


  • Gift packages of our partner Farmacia
  • Gift voucher for croatian sport equipment store worth 500 HRK:
    • SOLO distance M/F winner
    • DUPLO/DOUBLE distance M/F winner
    • MEGA distance M/F winner
    • DUO distance winning team


  • height of the stair: 17 cm
  • number of stairs per level: 19 (except the level between ground floor and first floor where there are 34 stairs)
  • stair orientation: left
  • stair width: 1.3 meters
  • floor width (between two sets of stairs): 6 meters
  • windows in the staircase: only on the levels above the 20th floor


Parking lots – (cca 2 EUR for whole sathurday!)


  • The organizer is not responsible for damages, injuries or accidents during the race.
  • Competitors agree to be audio, video and image recorded without restrictions, and the recorded materials will be used for the promotion of the race and other programs and projects carried out by the association Društvo športske rekreacije Aktivan život, the organizer of the race.
  • Participants return to the start area by an elevator.
  • The race takes place inside the building – participants do not exit to the roof.